Filter press for silver extraction from Zinc smelting

- Mar 06, 2020-

In the process of Chinese zinc smelting, after roasting, most elements are converted into oxides. Then it will be processed by washing, grading, leaching and filtration. In finally residues contain various valuable metals. Among them, the silver in leached slag mainly exists in the forms of Ag, Ag2S, Ag2SO4, AgCl and Ag2O.

In the primary mining slurry, sulfide collector is added for flotation. By aerating and stirring, a large number of air bubbles are formed by a flotation machine. Sulfide mineral grains, such as silver sulfide, has hydrophobicity, and will be attached on the bubbles. Then float up to form the mineral foam layer, which is continuously scraped out by the scraper to become silver concentrate, so as to enrich silver.

In order to obtain better economic benefits, we suggest following points. (1) Improve the flotation machine material. Here recommend wear resistant rubber to improve the life-span. (2)Increase tailing pump capacity. (3)Ensure stable flotation flow. (4)Chose bigger ore concentrate storage tank and bigger filter press. (5)Regularly clean and repair the flotation machine. (6) Increase the beneficiation times, that improve the mining grade.

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