Filter Press How to Wash Filter Cakes?

- Jun 08, 2017-

For some special materials, the filter press machine might need cake washing to recycle the useful constituents in filter cakes, or removes the hazardous substance of the filter cakes. Filter cake washing is a normal filter press function.

Generally here are two types cake washing methods: open cake washing and hidden cake washing. For the plate filter press with open filtrate discharging, the cake washing function calls open cake washing. Similarly, for the filter press with hidden filtrate discharging, the cake washing function calls hidden cake washing. The detail steps as following:

Open Cake Washing

For the open cake washing filter press, the filter plates are divided into washing plates (here we call plate A) and none washing filter plates (here we call plate B). While washing, the faucets on plate A are closed, and washing water goes from the washing hole (up corner hole on plate A), then go through the filter cloth and the filter cake. Finally washing water be discharged by the taps on the plate B. After above process, then cakes will be washed again from another washing hole, so that ensures best washing performance. This washing method also calls crossing cake washing.

Hidden Cake Washing
Normally, for the hidden cake washing, the washing holes are opened on the plate side. The principle is same as open cake washing. However, to meet the cake filtering performance, there is only one outlet on the plate, so the filtering efficiency will be lower than open cake washing. This is the key reason we normally recommend open cake washing.

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