Filter press hydraulic station system

- Jul 28, 2017-

The filter press hydraulic station is the impetus for a filter press. The hydraulic station consists of the motor, oil pump, hydraulic valves and pressure gauge, cylinder, cabinet etc.

Filter Press Hydraulic Station.jpg

The motor drives the oil pump to provide the pressure. Under the control of the cabinet, it adjust the orientation and the pressure through the hydraulic valve to realize the opening and closing of filter press plate.

While closing, the high pressure hydraulic oil moves piston forward and the head plate squeezes the middle plates together. Then the pressure reaches the rated pressure, the hydraulic station stop and the filter chamber form. While opening the hydraulic filter press, the cabinet will adjust the hydraulic reversing valve. The piston withdraw and the filter plates will be opened. Note: before open the filter chamber, pls open the relief valve fist to discharge the pressure of the filter chambers to avoid material ejection.

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