Filter Press Inclining System

- Jun 19, 2017-

The filter press inclining system is one of flexible filter press functions of automatic filter press. It’s mainly for the high viscosity materials, whose filter cakes are not easy to discharge.

Automatic Filter Press_1.JPG

The automatic filter press inclining system consists of springs, the inclining rod and filter clothes. The inclining rods adopts high quality FRPP material. The filter clothes are hung on the rods. While discharging, the plate shifter moves filter plate to open, thus make filter clothes form a inverted v-shape, then the springs will shake filter clothes, so that get a better cakes discharging effect.

Filter Press Inclining System 1.JPG

Although it’s a little complicated for filter press installation, and increase the filter press cost, but it can save labors while cake discharging and can get a better filter press performance. More info on filter press functions pls contact us.

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