Filter Press Industrial Applications

- Jun 30, 2017-

The filter press is a intermittent pressure filtration equipment and it’s used for solid-liquid separation of various liquids. Normally the industrial filter press consists of filter frame, filter plates, filter clothes, electric control cabinet and hydraulic station. It’s widely applicable to many industries, so filter press can be dived:
1.Chemical filter press: Metallic oxide, hydroxide, chemical fertilizers etc.; 2.Foods & Beverages filter press: Vegetable oil, liquors, beverage, sugar etc.; 3.Wastewater filter press: Municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater: metallurgy wastewater, tannery wastewater, pharmacy wastewater etc.; 4.Pharmacy filter press: alkaloid, antibiotics, oral liquid, vitamin etc.; 5.Ceramic filter press: electronic ceramic, tableware ceramics, sanitary porcelain etc..6.mining filter press: Various concentrates and tailings, coal, kaolin, etc...

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