How to install a filter press?

- Jun 25, 2017-

Nomatter PP filter press or steel filter press, filter press installation is very import. It directly affects the future filter press maintenance. Correct filter press installation can save filter press cost in the future aftersales.

Filter Press Installation.jpg

For side bar filter press, while installation, the foundation on the head plate side must be movable. However, feet on the end plate side must be fixed by welding or bolts. Why? You may wonder. Because when the materials are pumped into filter chamber by filter press pump, there will be a against force to make the filter press beam has some stretch. If all feet are fixed, that might cause damage while filter press working.

Additionally, when install the filter press, the return valve is very necessary. When the filtering pressure is over the required pressure, the return valve must be opened to decrease the pressure, otherwise, it will damage the filter plates.

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