Filtrate Discharging Type of Filter Press Machine

- Jun 05, 2017-

The filtrate discharging types of plate frame filter press can divide into open filtrate and hidden filtrate. Some filter presses adopt open filtrate discharging, some filter presses adopt hidden filtrate discharging. But the most filter presses use open filtrate discharging. As the important filter press specifications, open filtrate discharging and hidden filtrate discharging have their own advantage and disadvantages.

Open filtrate discharging, there are two faucets (note: small filter press has only 1 faucet) on the both sides of filter plate, and filtrate is discharged via the faucets. Regarding hidden filtrate, all the outlets of the filter plate pack will form a discharging pipe, and the filtrate will be gathered together and be discharge.

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While working, if the filter cloth is broken, the filtrate will be turbid. If open filtrate discharging, we can close taps of the filter plate, and the filter press can work continuously and no need stop. Then we just repair or change the broken filter cloth will be ok. But for hidden filtrate discharging, we can’t find which filter clothe is broken. And the whole filtering process must be stopped to find the broken cloth one by one. So it’s not easy to maintain. So normally we recommend open filtrate discharging for filter press machine, if you need hidden filtrate discharging, pls inform us in advance.
Hidden filtrate discharging mainly recommended for following situations: 1.special materials: toxic, smelly, volatile materials. 2.Rich liquid. 3.Strict requirements on the working environment.

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