Traditional final sludge proposal after filter press machine

- Dec 11, 2017-

As we before mentioned, after wastewater dewatering by filter presses, the final process of filter press cakes mainly include: CSWSTC, incineration, utilization. The three are the most popular methods. CSWSTC is the cheapest, but it’s not the future trend. Incineration is the best choice at now, because utilization is much more expensive and not safe.

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1.Sanitary landfill in CSWSTC.

Landfill is very easy and cost saving. And the sludge has lowest dewatering requirement, but it has more problems. It might cause further pollution: (a.)the waste liquid might pollute the underground water; (b.)the organic materials will cause foul smell (methane), or even explosion; (c.)if higher moisture, it will can not realize dry stack, thus will affect other machine’s work; (d.)might block the drainage system. So this method must be abandon in the future.


Incineration has many advantages: volume reduction, fast disposal, thorough harmless, heat recycle etc... This technology is widely used in developed counties. Because our plate filter press can get lowest cake moisture, so before incineration, the sludge will be treated by membrane filter press.


Utilization has many methods. The sludge will be recycled as soil, building materials etc... But this technology is difficult, because municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater does not discharge individually. Thus the final sludge even be recycled, it has risk of secondary pollution. For sludge treatement, our filter press machine is best way in long time, because best filtering performance and lowest cake moisture. Pls contact us for further communication.

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