Filter press machine for flue gas desulfurization in ceramic industry

- Aug 10, 2019-

In the firing process of building ceramics, a lot of smoke will be produced, this will pollute the surrounding environment. Dust and sulfur containing flue gas, first goes into the pretreatment room, then the atomized purification liquid will be sprayed. In this process, the large particles are collected, and fine particles are bonded together and fall into the absorption solution. Generally, for this process, the purification efficiency can reach about 60%. At the same time, the process has a function of cooling, which helps the subsequent step for acid-base neutralization reaction. 

Above disposal are finished in hydrocyclones. After that will flow into sludge dewatering system. Dust and sulfur dioxide, in the before steps, have been perfectly removed in the flue gas. The residual impurities become FDG sewage sludge. To ensure the smoke exhaust system and fan works continuously and stably, the sludge will use filter press machine to separate the liquid and solids. 

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