Filter Press Machine For High Purity Graphite

- Oct 16, 2017-

The graphite is the carbon element crystal mineral. The high purity graphite refers to the graphite whose carbon content over 99.99%. And it’s widely used in metallurgical industry, light industry, electrical industry, chemical industry etc., such as: fireproofing and painting material, lead pencil, carbon brushes, battery electrode, fertilizer catalyst and so on. While graphite producing will use filter press machine for dewatering and filtration. 

液压压滤机 2.jpg

For the high purity graphite producing process, it mainly includes: breaking, kneading, molding, calcination, soaking, graphitization, machining and test. For the processes, it will need three times calcination and two times soaking. And after each soaking, it will be dewatered by recessed plate filter press. Because the solid is big and don’t have viscosity, so it’s easy to treat. 

Generally, the chamber filter press can meet the requirement. If the capacity is big, we suggest the automatic chamber filter press, because the filter cakes can be automatic discharged, that can save the man power. If the capacity is small, the manual filter press is enough. Pls contact us for filter press manual.

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