How to maintain a filter press?

- Jun 20, 2017-

While filter press operation, filter press maintenance is very important. Normal maintenance can extend the plate filter press service life and keep filter press machine has a good filtering performance.

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Before filtering:
1.Pls inspect the feeding hole and the discharging hole on the
filter plates to ensure no block. If they are blocked, pls clear, otherwise might damage the filter plates.
2.Pls check the filter plates and the
filter clothes and ensure they are in good condition and right installation.
3.Inspect the control system, so electrical parts are correct connected and sensitive.
4.Pls pay attention on the hydraulic system and make sure hydraulic oil is enough and pressure are right set.
5.Pls check the the parts of the structure, so that no screws are loosen.

While filtering:
1.Please control the feed pressure no more than the rated pressure. Otherwise, it might damage the filter plates.
2.Pls check the filtrate is clean. If not clean, pls close the faucet or stop the filtering process to check the filter clothes.
3.For the
membrane filter press, pls ensure the membrane squeezing pressure not too high, otherwise will damage the membrane plates. 
4.Before discharging, pls discharge the pressure in the filtering chamber or the membrane filter plate.

After filtering:
1.After filtering process is finished and filter cakes are discharged, pls check there is no solids on the filter cloth and pls clean the filter cloth to regenerate the filtering performance.
2.Pls clean the filter plates, and no sludge on them.
3.If do not use for long time, pls cut off the power.

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