Filter Press Maintenance In Summer

- Jun 22, 2017-

The filter presses have been used in the various industries nowadays. Though we use it according to the operation manual, no matter hydraulic filter press, or automatic filter press, sometimes it might also have some troubles, so the filter press maintenance is very important.

China Filter Press_1.jpg

Especially in summer, there are plenty of rain. The filter press should be put in the shelter from rain, because the rain will damage the filter press parts and filter press pump. And it also should avoid the sun exposure, because the high temperature will make the filter plates and the oil cylinder seals age to reduce their serve life. Otherwise we need to maintain it or buy them to increase the filter press cost. On the other hand, if the filter press does not use for a long time, the oil cylinder should be full of hydraulic oil, and it should run some times for some time. If want to get more info on filter press operation, pls contact us. 

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