filter press manufacturer work for tunnel wastewater

- Sep 05, 2019-

As we know, China is international famous for construction. Every year, here will complete many tunnels. However, most tunnel projects are located in hilly areas, and some of them are even in drinking water sources. And there will be a lot of construction waste water while working. If the construction wastewater is not disposed in time, it will cause pollution seriously. 

While working, the hydraulic motor driven the cutter discs of shield tunneling machine rotating. At the same time, move it forward. With rotation and moving, the soil and dust  are collected to the bin. The the solids are transferred to belt conveyor via screw conveyor and finally will be discharged out. For the sewage produced, normally adopts sedimentation method. After thickening, the sludge will be dewatered by membrane filter press, so that can realize dry stack. 

For such wastewater treatment, the technology is mature. It not only solves the environment pollution, but also recycles water. More details needed, please consult China processional filter press manufacturer -- SINO FILTRATION. 

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