Advantages and Disadvantages of Frame & Plate Type Filter Press Plate

- May 30, 2017-

Today, filter plate has various types, such as: plate and frame type filter plate, chamber filter plate, membrane filter plate, and so on. Here we just share some info on plate frame type filter plate.

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At the earliest, the filter plate only has the frame and plate type, because of easy to be made. That why filter press also called plate frame filter press. This filter press plate consists of a plate and a frame, and the plates and the frames are put in order to from the filter chambers. As a professional filter plate manufacturer at China, we clearly know it's advantages and disadvantages:

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1. Manual discharge.

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The frame and plate type filter plates are usually used for small filter presses, and this type filter plate must discharge cakes manually, because their handles are not in different positions. Regarding the bigger filter press, their filter plate will be bigger and heavier, and not easy to be moved to discharge cakes, then chamber filter plate are developed.

2.Small Inlets.
For plate frame type plates, the feeding holes are on the corner, and very small, so it will be very easily blocked.

3.Lower feeding pressure
The surface of the plate is flat, and there are no support points as recessed filter plates, it can endure lower feeding pressure (max 0.6MPa). And might cause breakdown by bias pressure.

1.Various plate materials.
The frame and plate type filter plate has kinds of materials for choices, such as: PP, stainless steel, cast iron etc. The PP filter plate is the most popular

2.Can realize ultrafiltration.
And the frame and plate type filter press has higher filtration accuracy, because it can use filter paper as filtering medium to realize ultrafiltration.

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