Filter press pneumatic membrane pump selection

- Sep 18, 2017-

The filter press is driven by the filter press pump. For filter press, pneumatic membrane pump is best choice.The suitable membrane pump can greatly improve the filtering performance. Thus, how to select the suitable pump for the filter press?

Pneumatic Membrane Pump.JPG

First, we must check the filtering cycle, so that we can select the suitable filter press pump model to finish the filtration within expected cycle. Second, according to the material’s actual capacity to recommend the basic flow capacity. Finally, the pump body and diaphragm materials. Because the different body materials is for the different working conditions. Normally the pump body include cast iron, aluminium alloy, PP, stainless steel etc; diaphragm material include, santoprene, PTFE etc... 

Those are the basic principle for the pneumatic membrane pump selection, hope it can help for you. If you have any question, pls contact us.


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