Filter Press Pumps - Dosing Pump

- Jul 29, 2017-

While the actual application of filter press machine, there might relate many filter press pumps. Some are used to pump materials, some for washing water etc... The dosing pump mainly used to pump flocculant, and normally works with polymer dosing system.

Milton Roy Metering Pump.jpg

The dosing pump is also named metering pump. It’s a special positive displacement pump to transport quantitative liquids. And it can meet strict requirement of the technology procession. It can be adjusted in the rang of 0-100%. And it widely uses in chemicals, petroleum,medicine and food stuff etc.

The dosing pump consists of motor, transmission case and pump body. While operating, the motor drives transmission case to change the pump volume, thus to realize liquid transport. For wastewater filter press, dosing pump normally used for pump flocculant for wastewater pre-treatment.

There are various types of the dosing pump:According to the pump type, it can be divided into the piston dosing pump, diaphragm metering pump. According to the driving type, it can be divided into the motor driving dosing pump and the electromagnetism driving dosing pump.

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