Final sludge disposal after filter press dewatering

- Dec 13, 2017-

For wastewater, normally will be disposed by hydraulic filter press to get the best dewatering performance. For different countries, the mothods will be different. For China WWTP, the difficulty is how to realize dry stack and the sludge future safety. If dry stack, the cake moisture should be at lest 60% or lower than 50%.

China Filter Press.jpg

While the wastewater treatment, the cost is the main limit. It directly affect the processing technology’s result. But pp filter press is a very effect tool for sludge dewatering with lowest cost. Especially for automatic membrane filter press, it can greatly increase the working efficiency, so that make the following steps much easier.

Now in USA, the 55% final sludge is for land utilization, however, in China, it’s mainly for landfill. With the economy develops, land utilization will be our future trend. Till 2016, in China, the final sludge disposal methods account for fillowing data: incineration (39%), landfill (24%), anaerobic digestion(21%), aerobic composting (14%), others (2%). If you want to know more info on filter presses or wastewater treatment, pls contact us.

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