Filter Presses Mining Industry-Gold Mine

- Jul 22, 2017-

The gold mine is a mineral aggregation which has enough gold and it can be used for industrial product. And it has the big worth, so for the gold mine processes are very important. And filter press mining industry is the popular equipment for the water recycle.

Mine Concentrate and Tailing Filter Press.jpg

For the gold mine, the flotation is the widest method. And it separates the mine solid by the physical and chemical features of the gold mine. And it basically includes breaking, grinding, washing, filtering, flotation, separation, concentration and drying. 

First, the gold ore will be broken, grinded and washed. After washing, it will produce a lot of washing water, and it will contain some heavy metal to pollute environment, so we can use the mining filter press to separate. And for the overflow water of concentration, it must be dewatered to get the residual metal, and get the most cost. Normally, it uses the filter press to separate it.

For gold mine, generally, we use the cyanidation to extract. Adding the cyanide into the ore pulp, then it will happen hydrolysis reaction, and the metal will be dissolved into the liquid, and the solid will be precipitated. Generally, it will use the CGR filter press, because the liquid is the rich liquid and it’s toxic.

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