Filtering efficiency of plate filter press

- Jul 22, 2018-

Plate filter press is a general dewatering device and used in many fields, such as: mining slurry, wastewater, chemicals, ceramics etc.. While buying a plate filter press machine, some customer might consult, how is the filtering cycle time on customer's material? This question is very complicated for a pp plate filter press. If you do not know the plate filter, you might think that the filtering efficiency is very fast. However, this is a very complicated. 

While pumping the filtered material into a pp filter press, filter clothes on the filter plate will begin to block solids. Thus the flow will be greatly effected. With the filter chamber stores more and more amount of solids, the flow and efficiency will be more and more smaller. But this amount is in a certain range, because when the plate filter press chamber is full, there will no liquid discharging.

From the pumping beginning till the filtering process ended, the flowed efficiency of the plate filter press is mainly decided by the solid physical nature. For example, if the material is stone cutting wastewater, the plate filter press machine will be easier to dispose. For it, the inlet flow and outlet flow will be stable and filter cycle might be tens of minutes. However, if the material is biological sludge, the filtering pressure will sharply increased to the set value. That means the filter clothes of the plate filter press are blocked fast. This situation the efficiency will be much lower, and the filtering cycle will be cost hours. 

Beside above, the plate filter press's efficiency is also decided by many factors, such as: solid size, solid percentage, filter press plate designing, filter cloth etc... Pls contact professional China filter press manufacturer to get more technical support. 

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