How a fully automatic filter press works?

- May 27, 2017-

Regarding fully automatic filter press, in addition to automatic plate shifting device, it has more advanced functions, which can be realized unattended operation. Same as the normal automatic filter press, it’s also controlled by PLC.

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Steps of fully automatic filter press:

After filter cloth installation, the filter plates will be closed by hydraulic station. When the cylinder pressure arrives upper limit, the electric contact pressure gauge will give a single to PLC, then hydraulic motor stop work.
2.Feed material.
In the meantime, on the inlet pipe, the return valve will be closed and the feeding valve will be opened by PLC and the pump starts.
Then materials are pumped into filter chambers by filter press pump. The liquid will be discharged through filter cloth, and solids are trapped, thus realize filtration. Then the feeding pressure reaches the upper limit, the PLC will received an electric single from the electric contact membrane pressure gauge on the feeding pipe and stop the pump.
As this time, the cakes has been formed. The feeding valve will be automatically closed and the return valve will be open to release the pressure in chambers. And the hydraulic station will work again to open the plates. While the head plate touches the cylinder limit switch, it will send an electric single to PLC. Then plate shifting device will be discharging cakes automatically. Until all the cakes were discharged, the plate shifter will go back to original position. The whole process is finished. Then the PLC will get a single from the shifter limit switch and begin next cycle.
The above are basic fully automatic filter press working processes. Actually, strictly speaking, this part belongs to automation control field. And it will be different according to materials and filter press types. More info on filter presses pls contact us.

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