Gas Cutting Of Filter Press Machine

- Oct 22, 2017-

The gas cutting is the popular method of metal cutting. It uses the burning heat energy of the combustible gas with oxygen to cut the metal. And the main combustible gases are acetylene, propane and hydrogen etc... For the filter press machine, the filter press frame are cast iron. Their fire point is lower than fusion point in the oxygen, so it can meet the requirement of the gas cutting. And the cutting of the filter frame mainly is the acetylene gas cutting.

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The gas cutting process includes preheat, combustible and blowing slag. For different thickness metals, we should select the different cutting nozzle and adjust oxygen working pressure, because it’s closely related to the cutting quality and efficiency. On the other hand, the gas cutting has more advantages, such as: 1. It has higher speed than the mechanical cutting. 2. It can be used for complicated shapes and thickness. 3. The cutting cost is lower than the mechanical cutting. 4. It has automatic operation and manual operation for selection. The cutting quality directly relate with quality of plate frame filter press

SINO FILTRATION is a professional China filter press manufacturer. For us, our gas cutting is CNC control, so that ensure the higher precision and strict quality control. If you want to know how to produce filter presses, pls contact us now!

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