High Pressure Kaolin Recessed Filter Press

- Aug 02, 2017-

The kaolin is the common and important clay mineral on the natural world. It’s white and fine, so it also names dolomite. On the other hand, it has good plasticity and fire resistance performance, so it’s widely used for various kinds of industries, especially, the paper-making and ceramics industry.

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The kaolin includes clay mineral and the non-clay mineral on the natural world, and it has some impurities, so it must go through purification. The colour is the main performance indicator. If the colour is more white, it will be more purer. So in addition to flotation and the magnetic separation processes etc, it also needs the chemical bleaching, calcining and the other methods to do the further treatment. But the every method needs dewatering, and the filter press is the best equipment, because it has good dewatering performance. And normal recessed filter press can not meet need.

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Generally, we recommend high pressure filter press, such as: round filter press for it. Why? First, the kaolin has high viscosity. Next, before the dewatering, it will be flotation and chemical bleaching etc, and it will have lots of chemical medicament. So For the round filter press, it has high pressure to get the best filtering effect, and it has more sealing performance than the normal filter press, because the round filter plate has groove to trap the filter cloth.

Recessed chamber filter press have high quality and good performance filter press. If you have any question pls contact us.

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