Ceramic plunger pump for high pressure round filter press

- Apr 15, 2018-

Plunger pump (sometime called piston pump) works by reciprocating motion of the plunger in cylinder. Thus it changes the volume of cylinder to realize liquid transportation. Plunger pump is widely used for high pressure working conditions. Generally plunger pump has two structure forms: axial direction and radial direction. 

China ceramic plunger pump.jpg

In the market have many piton pumps for various industries, however, there are only three type piston pumps for high pressure filter presses. One is used to pump hydraulic oil to squeeze the filter plate pack, the other works as filter press feeding pump, and the other as cloth washing pump. Today, we just talk about the ceramic piston pump, which normally works as feeding pump of high pressure filter press

Ceramic plunger pump is famous of it's piston, which is made of ceramic. Additionally, it's mainly used for ceramic clay dewatering. It has following characteristic: (1.) Piston is made of ceramic. (2.) Hydraulic driving, high pressure, far transport distance. (3.) Balance running, continuous working, strong reliability. (4.) Pressure can be adjusted. (5.) High concentration, wear resisting. (6.) Low demand of particle, unbroken solid size. (7.) has certain suction, low installation requirement.

Because of above features, plunger pump is widely used for high pressure filter press to squeeze filter press cakes or feed materials. For membrane filter press, especially for the high pressure membrane filter press, it needs to take high pressure water as squeezing medium. Then piston pump is the best choice. Additionally, for some materials, which is a little viscous and need high pressure to be filtered, such as, ceramic clay, kaolin etc, so ceramic plunger pump can work as filter press pump, specially used for pottery making and porcelain making industry (domestic ceramic, electrical ceramic, art ceramic etc.) Generally, piston pump normally work with round filter press, which is a type of high pressure filter press. According to pump material, ceramic piston pump can be divided into stainless steel piston pump and cast iron piston pump. For higher color demand porcelain mud, for example, domestic ceramic, stainless steel will be the first choice.

While ceramic piston pump working, because ceramic plunger will have great friction to cylinder, so water is very necessary. Here water have two functions: lubrication and heat dissipation. If you want to buy ceramic plunger pump or round filter press, please contact us right now.

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