How to calculate the suitable China filter press

- Jul 24, 2018-

According to the customer needs and materials, we recommend different china filter press types and models. How to recommend the most suitable China filter press machine? As a professional China filter press manufacturer, we have rich experience to share with you. 

To recommend a right and suitable pp filter presses, we normally consider following points. Now let's explain on base of a actual case followed. Recently one customer want to buy a China filter press. Their material specifications are: 1.Waste type: ceramic tile polishing water. 2.Volume/flow rate: 300 m3/hour. 3.Total suspended solid: 1350 - 2500 mg/l. 4.Cycles: 2 to 3 shifts per day only.

First, we should consider the filter press type. Popularly pp filter presses in china are chamber filter press and membrane filter press. Because the polishing water is easy to be disposed, so normal chamber filter press can meet the demand. And chamber filter press is cost saving than chamber membrane filter press. So pp chamber filter press is first choice. 

Second, recommend suitable model. Here customer's average dry solid capacity per liter is (1350+2500)÷2≈2000 mg/L=0.002Kg/L. So the total dry solid per hour: 0.002×300×1000=600Kg/h. If the pp filter press works 8 hours per day, the total dry weight will be 600×8=4800Kg/d, namely, 4.8t/d. According to our expedience, the cake solid percentage 80%, so total weight of filter cakes: 4.8÷80%=6t/d. Then total volume of filter cakes: 6÷1.5=4 m3/d. (Here 1.5 refers to density of final cakes). Finally, since the material is easy to be filtered, so here suggest discharge 4 cycles per day and this will cost saving. So the volume of each cycle will be: 4÷4=1m3=1000L. Here we recommend the 70/870 high pressure chamber filter press.

Third, according to customer's phasing ability and other points to recommend flexible functions of a China filter press. Such as: plate shifter, drip tray, belt conveyor, plate shaking device, cloth washing device etc... So that satisfy the customer technical design. If want to buy China filter press, pls contact us. 

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