How to choose a membrane filter press plate

- Aug 02, 2018-

Recent years, membrane filter press is becoming more and more popular because of good filtering performance and higher efficiency. But the membrane filter plate quality is greatly different according to different China filter press manufacturers. How to chose the right membrane filter press and plates seems very important. Here we recommend three steps for you ---- "look", "smell" and  "touch".

1.Look. To judge the quality of the chamber membrane filter press, the filter plates are the key point. We must check whether the membrane filter plate is intact, whether the surface is smooth, and whether the filter plate have cracks. Additionally, because membrane filter plates is sandwich design, so pls ensure the welding surface is perfectly fixed.  

2.Smell. A good membrane filter plate does not have any odour. If the membrane filter plates have a strong odor, that indicate that the chamber or membrane filter plate has been added too much additive while manufacturing, or the plates of membrane filter press machine are made by recovered pp.

3.Touch. When a good filter plate is touched, there is very smooth and comfortable. Otherwise, it means the process is rough. 

The above steps are the simple methods for checking membrane filter press and the plates. We believe that as long as we follow the above three steps, we can choose a good membrane filter press manufacturer. And if you need a China chamber membrane filter press, pls contact us.

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