How to improve the filter press efficiency while acetylene sludge dewatering

- Nov 14, 2020-

Acetylene is a common chemical raw material with a wide application, such as: gas cutting, PVC manufacturing etc... During the production, a large amount of acetylene sludge is generated after the reaction of electrolytic stone with water. It's main elements is calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2). In the case of industrial production, chamber filter presses are popularly used to dewater the slurry to achieve solid-liquid separation and water recovery. However, after a long period of operation, the filter cloth and filter cake will stick. For the entire filtration process, the initial stage is very fast. The time-consuming part is mainly caused by cake discharging stage because of conglutination. Therefore, according to our experience, the working efficiency can be further improved by the following methods.

First, increase the feed concentration. The dewatering performance of the filter press is closely related to the feed concentration. If the solid content is too low, it might lead to leakage and low efficiency. However, if the solid content is too high, it is easy to block the feed pipe and seriously damage the pp filter plates. Secondly, raise the filtering pressure. You can consider the high pressure filter press customized by SINO FILTRATION. Of course, if the budget is enough, you can consider our automatic membrane filter press. The lower water content in filter cakes, the easier to discharge. Third, optimize the filter cloth material. Electrolytic stone waste slag generally has big particles, so it’s easy to filter. Besides the wastewater is weakly alkaline, so normally use polypropylene filter clothes. If a little higher cost is acceptable, polypropylene monofilament filter cloth will be a better choice. Finally, consider from the filtration process. We can improve the filter press pipeline and add the function of cake blowing. If you want to get more technical support, please contact us immediately.

acetylene sludge Filter Press

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