How to install a filter press China

- Sep 01, 2019-

When you buy a filter press made in China, how to install it? Many customers wonder? Actually it's easy. Here list some common steps for your reference.

A.While installation, first please check the concrete foundation. For small manual filter presses, they might no need foundation to support. But for big capacity machine, foundations are necessary and required to be level and firm. In order to facilitate the operation, the width of passageway normally is required about 1 meter. If adots steel structure. The frame should be calibrated horizontally and diagonally.

B.When loading the filter press machine, the loading is depending on the model. Normally for small device, just use forklift can manage loading. But for big equipment, it must need crane. While lifting, you can adopts cloth or other soft materials padded under hooks. Please be cautious while loading to avoid accident. 

C.After the legs seat on the foundation, please fix the both legs at inlet side by anchor bolts or welding. Regarding the legs at the cylinder side, should be movable.

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