How to maintain the transmission part of the press filter

- Apr 25, 2017-

1. Commissioning the normal pressure filter press to feed the work, each class to do the whole machine before the operation to view. Mechanical pressing drive parts and deceleration boxes are necessary to add enough lubricating oil; hydraulic pressure to review oil tank storage capacity and hydraulic pressure station operation, hydraulic oil is usually replaced every year, when replacing the hydraulic system to do-all cleaning, hydraulic station work pressure less than the maximum pressure of the cylinder, but the smallest can not lower than the filter pressure promised value, too small will cause greater leakage, the assembly damaged parts.

2. Prohibit the power on the operation under the condition of less than the regular quantity of the filter plate to avoid damaging the mechanical parts. Check the filter plate before feeding condition, filter cloth can not have folding phenomenon, to avoid large leakage.

3. Slurry, washing or compressed air valves, must be operated by the program, cannot be enabled together, the compressed air pressure cannot exceed the filter pressure when the barrier squeezed.

4. Filter Cloth selection must conform to the filtration skills requirements of the paddle, this aspect of the Ding filter machine to do a good. The new filter cloth should be shrunk before manufacturing, open hole diameter should be less than the aperture of the filter plate, supporting the BOUCON and plate holes should be relative concentric, feed hole cloth should be snapped to the tube wall, otherwise will form the filter is unclear, the filter rate is low, the cloth tube rupture and so on doubt, does not reach the expected function of filtration.

5. When moving the filter board, force should be evenly and appropriately, not bump, beat, avoid damage to seal surface and filter wrench. Filter cloth will be hardened after a period of time, reduced function, for this Soudon chemical thought to be regularly inspected, if there is a change in the effect of the filtration rate of the phenomenon, the corresponding low concentrations of weak acids weak base and cleaning, so that the filter cloth rehabilitation function, can not recover in a timely replacement.

6. To all normal rear pressure-tight filter pressure filter, filtration and filtration temperature must be within the size of the rules, filtration pressure too high can cause leakage, filter temperature is too high plastic filter plate deformation, feeding the concentration of suspended liquid should be evenly, no miscellaneous.

7. Filter presses in the pre-filtration, filtering more turbid, when the filter cloth to constitute a layer of filter cake after the filtrate will become clear. If the filtrate is always cloudy or mixed by the Qing change, it may be the filter cloth breakage or Boucon and the plate hole error, now should be closed the valve or stop feeding replacement filter cloth.

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