How to make rust-proof maintenance for hydraulic filter press machine?

- Jan 20, 2018-

For all steel machines, in the long run, the rust is one of the most important damage. We know filter press machine is a solid liquid separation equipment, so the filter press machine basically contacts with water or even corrosive liquid often. Thus, comparing with others, the hydraulic filter press is much more easier to get rust in such wet condition. So for filter press machine, rust-proof is very important, otherwise, it might cause problems. But how and which part should be maintain?  

China Hydraulic filter press.JPG

First, the feet. For a hydraulic filter press, the base is the part need to pay more attention. Because the feet of a filter press machine contacts ground, where might be wet or even has liquid. So normally for a hydraulic filter press, the first part to get rust are their feet. For a hydraulic filter press, normally two feet are fixed on the foundation and another two feet are movable. Once the feet get very bad rust, it might damage filter press machine. So we suggest after filtering process, pls clean the waste water, and try to keep the feet clean and dry, especially if the hydraulic filter press will not use for a long time. 

Second, the piston. For a hydraulic filter press, piston is the key part of the hydraulic system. Normally our hydraulic piston has a dust cover. It not only keep off the dust, but also can protect the hydraulic filter press against water. Here we suggest, after long time use, pls coat more lubricant on it to isolate the air. 

The third, other steel parts. Here mainly refers to the every movable parts on the hydraulic filter press, such as: plate shifter, chains, steel rollers etc... For a filter press machine, the whole structure has be painted, but for those parts, because moving, the painting will be removed easily, so rust preventive maintenance is necessary for smooth filter press operation. Pls contact us for more maintenance on hydraulic filter presses.

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