How to operate the filter press well

- Dec 28, 2017-

There are many filter press types, but all of them have some common ground. Before we actually operate the filter press machine, we should know them, so that ensure the machine works well and operator’s safety. If allowed, the filter press operator should be trained. Here we share some operation notice on filter press.

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(1.)The filter press operator should firstly know the professional rules in their industry, especially for the industries, whose material is toxic, harmful or explosion. Then they should has basic knowledge on plate filter presses, such as: operation steps, working principal and so on. (2.)Before filter press working, pls check the materials first, so that ensure it has enough flowability, otherwise, will damage the filter plate pack. (3.) Pls check the moving parts, hydraulic system, cabinet connection and pipeline, so that ensure every parts is smooth and in good condition. (4.)Pls check the filter cloth installation, filter plates order and filter plates conditions. Once any problem pls repair or replace. While filtering, pls check the filtrate whether is clear. If not, pls stop and change the filter press clothes.  (5.)While cake discharging, if need maul discharging, pls pay attention on the chains and plate shifter, so that avoid accident. If need longer time to discharge filter press cakes, pls pull the emergency wire. And pls use soft scraper to protect the filter clothes. (6.)After long time use, pls wash the filter clothes to regenerate it. As a professional filter press manufacturer in China, pls contact us to solve your problems.

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