How to repair plate of frame filter press

- Aug 20, 2019-

For frame filter press, filter plates after long time use, due to some reasons, might cause some grooves on the surface. Once grooves appear, this damage will expands rapidly and finally will affects formation of filter cakes. How cake forms? At first the solids deposit, then it becomes half muddy, and finally become hard cakes. Once the pp filter plates get damages, the slurry will leak. Then we can use healant to repair it and can get a good result to keep sealing performance. Specific methods are as follows: 

(1)Clean up these grooves till show fresh faces. For this, we can use a small saw blade to clean it. 

(2) Prepair the healant.  

(3) Paint repair agent to the groove. 

(4) Quickly install the filter cloth and close the filter plates. 

(5) After a period of time, the shape of healant will dry and form, then the plates can be used normally. 

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