How to test the fabrics of plate filter press

- Jun 27, 2018-

We know, for a plate filter press, filter fabric is the main filtering medium. It directly decide the filtering efficiency and performance. When a customer want to buy a China plate filter press machine, they might concern the filtering effect, so they expect to test their material, so that can chose a best pp filter press and most suitable filter clothes. However, we know plate filter press is used for the solid liquid separation, so the customer’s material normally is liquid, which is inconvenient for air express and cost is not cheap. Thus normally we will give some cloth sample for test. How to test?

Filter Press Cloth Test.JPG

First step, cut the plate filter press cloth to a square shape. Then fold to a circular cone. Then immerse into clean water, and make it wet through. Next find a clean white or transparent cup. Put the circular cone cloth on the cup and fill the material into the cloth. Finally is waiting and observing. Normally we chose the fast and cleanest filter cloth as the best. 

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