How to use filter presses to improve the utilization efficiency of coal slime circulating water

- Dec 02, 2020-

With the over-exploitation of coal resources, more and more coal washing plants are now facing a problem, that is, the content of coal slime is increasing. In this way, on the one hand, it will increase the processing capacity of downstream equipment. On the other hand, the particle size of coal slime becomes finer and finer, thus greatly reduces the efficiency of subsequent dewatering treatment. Finally, the processing capacity can not meet actual demand, and the circulating water can not be recovered effectively. Or it might be even difficult to achieve dry sack. In this way, the coal washery needs to take a variety of measures to optimize the circulating water system, so that ensure the whole system’s stable operation.

Specifically, it can be solved by the following aspects. First, improve the chemicals and related dosage. In order to save costs, for coal slime dewatering, many coal cleaning plants do not add any flocculant or only add a little polyacrylamide. In order to ensure the efficient and stable working, beside PAM, we suggest the coagulant polyaluminum chloride also can be appropriately added. According to our experience and experiments, when the 0.1% PAM with 5% PAC can reach the optimum. Second, equipment upgrades. Unlike coal floatation concentrate, for the treatment of slime water, it is conventional to use a thickener, and then will be disposed by a filter press for solid-liquid separation. Take the filter press as an example, many years ago, chamber filter press can meet the normal slime dewatering. However, due to the scarcity of coal resources and the reduction of slime particles, more and more coal plants prefer to use chamber membrane filter presses. According to our experience, in the early days, the chamber filter press could quickly dehydrate. However, now, even using a high-pressure filter press, the filtration cycle may reach about one hour. But if by membrane filter press, the working time can be greatly saved. Third, improve the management. For example: increase the training of operators, enhance equipment maintenance. If your coal washing plant needs a filter press, please contact SINO Filtration, and we will provide a suitable and practical solution for your reference.

chamber membrane filter press

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