Hydraulic Automatic Recessed Filter Press Maintenance

- Aug 27, 2017-

For the automatic filter press, we should maintain the machine regularly. This is very important, because it will directly affect the future operation and the service life. So what should we do?

Hydraulic Automatic Once Open Filter Press  with Protection Cover.jpg

1.Check the hydraulic station, such as: hydraulic oil capacity, oil pressure meter etc. The hydraulic station is the closing device for the hydraulic filter press. It is closely related with pressure of the filter chamber, so it will affect the filter press filtering effect.
2.Check the filter press pump, such as: the pump bearing and the pump packing etc. Ensure them can normally work smoothly.
3.Check the recessed filter plate. Check whether there has damages, deformation, solid sediment etc...
4.Check the filter press cloth. After long use, pls check their filtering effect and filtering flux, and ensure them don’t be broken.
5.Check the electrical elements. Ensure elements keep in good condition.

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