How a hydraulic chamber filter press get the best filtering effect

- Jul 11, 2017-

Every equipment needs good working condition to get better working effect, the hydraulic chamber filter press is also. On the sludge treatment, if you want to get the best filtering effect, you should adjust every preparatory conditions and the specifications to the good condition. So what should we do? SINO FILTRATION give you the professional suggestions:

1.Pls confirm every connector of the hydraulic filter press is well, and every part are in good working condition. Pls maintain them in time to make sure the filter press machine has good performance.
2.For the plates shifter, chain, the bearing, pls check in time and make them have good flexibility.
3.For the hydraulic station of chamber filter press, pls mainly check the hydraulic element and the sealing. If the filter press doesn’t use for long time, pls operate the machine after some time.
4.Pls check the filter plates and the filter clothes to ensure they are clean and flat, and no solids, and no crease. That make sure the filter press has good performance to give the better filtering effect. on the other hand, if the tie belts of the filter clothes are too long, pls cut off them to avoid the solid leaks.

These are the suggestions for the filter press filtering effect on the sludge treatment. If you want to know more info on that pls contact.

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