What cause once chamber filter press was eroded by water?

- Feb 24, 2018-

For chamber filter press, we know, it's normally used for sludge dewatering, but while filter press operation, it will cause water erosion, then will bring serious problems. Once that happen, how to solve it? Especially if it not works for long time among holidays. In fact, this is not a problem for chamber filter press, but also for all filter presses, specially for hydraulic filter presses. 


For hydraulic chamber filter press, once was eroded by water, the serious problem is hydraulic system. Once the hydraulic oil was damaged by water, the oil will looks like emulsion, then will erode cylinder of chamber filter press. Then it can not supply with powerful closing pressure to get the best chamber sealing performance. When such situation happened, pls change the hydraulic oil of the chamber filter press immediately.   

Beside the hydraulic system, the electrical elements also should keep water off, otherwise, the control system of chamber filter press will short out or even damage the elements and cause more serious damages, such as: electric leakage, fire etc... Additionally it will need more cost for maintenance. Now we just back to work after new year's holidays, so before operate the chamber filter press, pls check above parts, so that ensure safe operation. Pls contact us for chamber filter press.  

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