Hydraulic Chamber Filter Press for Saline Mud

- Oct 06, 2017-

For the alkali making industry, the saline mud is the main pollution. It must be filtered, then will be allowed to  discharge. For saline mud treatment, our hydraulic filter presses can get the best filtering effect.

Our saline mud filter press adopts chamber filter plate, and it has manual discharging and automatic discharging. If the capacity is big, our automatic chamber filter press can greatly improve your filtering effciency. On the other hand, in addition to normal filtering functions, it has some other functions, such as: blowing, filter cakes washing etc.

China Filter Press Machine.jpg

For the operation of the chamber filter press, we should strictly follow the operation procedure to avoid the follow questions: 1.Filter cloth break. Pls check the filter press clothes before working and clean it after filtering. 2.Filter plate break. The main reason is that pressure is too high, so while operating, pls control the pressure is limited within the rated value. 3.Difficult filter cake discharging. If the filtering pressure is too low or the blowing time is too short, the filter cake moisture will be high, that will cause difficult to discharge filter cakes. For this condition, pls increase the filter pressure and adjust the blowing time to get the drier filter cake. Pls contact us for China filter press price.


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