What is hydraulic plate frame filter press?

- May 25, 2017-

Hydraulic filter press is a type of intermittent filtration machine. It’s used for solid-liquid separation of various slurry, for example, coal, mining, pharmacy, chemical, clay and foodstuff etc.

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Hydraulic filter press consists of skeleton, plate pack, hydraulic closing system and electric control cabinet. While working, the hydraulic closing device drives the head plate to press the filter plates and filter clothes between the head plate and the tail plate. Materials will be filtered by pressure in filter chambers.

The closing performance of hydraulic filter press depends on hydraulic pressure, and it has higher pressure than other filter presses. Hydraulic closing system includes hydraulic station and oil cylinder. While closing, the oil cylinder will be filled with high pressure oil, that from hydraulic station. Then the piston rod will be driven to moving forward with head plate.

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The hydraulic closing system uses electrical-contact pressure gauge to realize pressure keeping. When the pressure reaches the lower limit, the oil pump will be working to increase pressure. When the pressure reaches the upper limit, the oil pump will be stopped. So it has more stable performance.

In general, the hydraulic filter press has best closing effect, stable performance. It is the most popular. More info on plate frame filter press pls contact us.

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