Why leak while hydraulic filter press working?

- Jan 01, 2018-

While filter press works, some drips are allowed, because it’s decided by the filter cloth nature. However, some might has series leakage, or even liquid ejection, why? Here mainly because: 1.the squeezing pressure of the hydraulic filter press is not enough. 2.the filter press cloth is not flat. 3.the sealing edge not clean and has solids on the filter press plates. 4.the filter press plate quality is not very good.

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For problems 1-3, normally they are very easy to be solved: 1.increase the hydraulic filter press’s cylinder pressure. For different filter press manufacturer, the requirement is different. For SINO hydraulic filter press, the pressure maintenance should be 16-18 MPa. If high pressure filter press will be higher. 2.clean the filter cloth often. If the budget is enough, while buying the hydraulic filter press, you can consider the cloth washing device. 3.check the sealing edge on filter press plates, so that ensure it’s clean. Additionally, customer can buy a flexible device “drip tray” to collect the leakage.

For point 4, normally customers do not know, and filter press manufacturer will not explain too much because competitive market. In fact, for the filter press plate, the quality mainly depends on two points: the material and the technology. If the filter press plates adopts more purer pp material, it will be more flexible, so can has better sealing performance. On the other hand, if the filter press plate is processed by milling machine, the plate flatness will be much smaller, thus also can has a good sealing result. SINO filter press plate adopts better plate material and processed by CNC milling machine to get the best filter press plate quality. More info pls contact us.  

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