Why hydraulic filter press can not form cakes?

- Jan 05, 2018-

As a general filtering device, hydraulic filter press is suitable for most materials. However, sometime, it can not form filter cakes or the cakes are not uniform. Why? There are many reasons for this problem. Here we list some common reasons for your reference. Some of them are easy to be solved, but some might need supports technically.

4.Hydraulic Filter press.jpg

The first popular reason is that solids are too fine or viscous, so that it will be very easy to block the filter clothes on the hydraulic filter press. Second, the inlet material has very lower solid content. Third, the capacity is not enough for the chamber volume of the hydraulic filter press. Forth, the filter press plate on the hydraulic filter press is blocked. Fifth, the filter press plate are deformed. Six, the filter press cloth is too thick, that the liquid can not discharge in time.

The related solutions for hydraulic filter press are as followed. First, you can add some flocculant to change the solid nature. Second, consider flocculant and thickener. Third, chose smaller hydraulic filter press or prepare enough materials. Forth, before pumping the materials, pls mix it and ensure uniform. Fifth, pls change the filter press plates of the hydraulic filter press. Six, change the filter press clothes to the suitable material and model. More info pls contact us now.

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