Why hydraulic filter press is better than other types?

- Mar 14, 2018-

As we know, filter press works under some high pressure, and the higher pressure the better filtering effect. However, the filtering pressure is directly related to their closing pressure. For different filter press types, their closing pressure will be greatly different. For exampe the closing pressure of a hydraulic filter press will be much bigger than a manual filter press. For different filter press types, which is best choice? 

Comparing with manual filter press and mechanical filter press, hydraulic filter press has better closing pressure. If a filter press works normally, it's necessary to have strong closing pressure. Otherwise, it will cause leakage. Normally for manual filter press and mechanical filter press can only reach 7 to 8 MPa, however, for hydraulic filter press, the squeezing pressure can be around 20 MPa or much higher, and the filter presses match with technology development. 

We chose hydraulic filter press, not only because of better sealing performance, but also because the pressure system of hydraulic type filter press can be easily controlled. Supervisory and detective pressure meter and valves are installed on the hydraulic system of filter presses. They turn pressure into electronic signals. By this way, the data communicate with the control system. So that it can realize automatic pressure compensation or fully automatic control. 

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