How a hydraulic filter press runs stably?

- Apr 12, 2018-

How to make a hydraulic filter press running more stable? For this issue, some customers usually think right operation will be ok, and often neglect this question. However, this is an important issue that should pay attention. Here are some detail suggestion for filter press maintenance.

First, before operation of hydraulic filter press, the preparation should be done well. Whether the oil is enough? whether the line are connecting well? Those regardless points can avoid damage in time and they can make hydraulic filter press more stable. Additionally, we need have the emergency plan and necessary spare parts of the hydraulic filter press. Once there might has emergency, we can take out the prepared plan and spare parts to keep the working going on or reduce damages. 

Second, we need to have an attention on the running condition. While filter press working, we should not only notice the running state of each indicator, but also need to check the filtrate is limpid or not. Additionally, pls take care of the sealing performance of filter plates. While hydraulic filter press working, once above situation happens, pls repair or place the parts immediately. We focus on various sludge dewatering machines: filter presses, belt filter presses, screw filter presses, if you has problems on those machines, please contact us too.

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