Foundation Installation of Hydraulic Filter Press

- May 23, 2018-

We know filter presses, according to closing method, include many types. Among them, manual hydraulic filter press, hydraulic filter press and automatic filter press are most popular. For manual filter presses, they are easy to be installed, or even no need to specially make foundations. However, for hydraulic filter presses, there will has strictly requirements on their foundation. What's the foundation requirement for a hydraulic filter press?

For side beam filter press, the structure mainly include head plate, tail plate, feet, beams and cylinders. The head plate is movable with cylinder pistons. The tail plate and cylinders are on the both ends and seated on the feet. Because hydraulic filter press adopt horizontal design, so it must keep level. So the basic requirement on the hydraulic filter press foundation is keeping level without incline. 

Additionally, while hydraulic filter press working, the head plate will squeeze the filter plate pack, thus the beam will get a huge force to extent. To ensure safety, how to solve this issue? Thus requires the feet on the inlet side must be fixed, because it’s connecting with pipes. However, for the feet on the cylinder side must be movable, so that the beams has certain flexibility.  

Finally, for the hydraulic filter press, normally is big filter press. So the loading is very important, especially the filter press machine is installed on the floor. Here the loading, not only consider the hydraulic filter press itself, but also need to consider the cake weight, operator weight etc... Actually, while hydraulic filter press installation, we will consider much more than that to ensure smooth running, convenient maintenance and safety, for example, how to fix feet, space etc... Pls contact us to get more info. 

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