Hydraulic Filter Press for GSP Coal Gas Gasifier Wastewater

- Jul 04, 2018-

While using GSP technology to produce coal gas, the wastewater mainly comes from gas washing, cooling and purification. While wastewater treatment, our hydraulic filter press is popularly used for sludge dewatering. For GSP watewater, the chemical element is very complicated, and it contains lots of toxic: alkane, cyanogen, ammonia nitrogen etc., so before discharging, the wastewater will be disposed complicately, so that ensure final water quality. 

Now the wastewster treatment method mainly include following technologies: activated sludge technology, A/O, SBR, biological film and advanced oxidation technology. For different processing method, the purpose and function will be different. For example, the activated sludge technology can greatly remove the COD in wastewater, however, can not remove high content degradation-resistant elements, so in the final water also contains lots of organics and denitriding effect is not good. After pre-treatment, then the wastewater will pumped into filtering chamber of the hydraulic filter press, and the flocculated solids will be hold by filter cloth. When there is no clean water discharging, the hydraulic filter press will open to discharge the cakes. After hydraulic filter press processing, the wastewater can discharge to domestic system directly or reused. Pls contact us for specifications of hydraulic filter press. 

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