Hydraulic Filter Press for Chemical Sludge Dewatering

- Aug 23, 2018-

Chemical industry will cause lots quantity of sludge. It comes from non-degradable substances while wastewater treatment. Now the government pays much more attention on the environment, so it has much higher requirement on the wastewater treatment, especially for the final sludge dewatering. Popularly, the technology adopts mechanical dewatering technologies, for example, hydraulic filter press, belt filter press, screw filter press, centrifuge machine etc. Among them, only our hydraulic filter filter press has the best filtering performance and lowest cost. 

For chemical industry, the sludge might produce lots of toxic or flammable substance, so it is greatly harmful for the environment. In the past, it realize dewatering by natural desiccation. But now the wastewater treatment technology is more advanced. After pre-treatment, the wastewater will be thicken. Then use chemicals or heating to improve the dewatering performance. Here the most popular chemicals include inorganic salt and flocculant. Then use our hydraulic filter press to dewater. Statistically, after processed by our pp hydraulic filter press, the cake moisture can be around 40%. Pls contact us for the a China hydraulic filter press price.

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