Hydraulic filter press machine for saline mud

- Sep 30, 2017-

On the alkali making industry, it uses salt as the main raw material to produce chlorine, hydrogen and caustic soda. As the same time, it also produces lots of grayish white salt mud (also named white feet), which mainly includes Mg(OH)2, CaCO3, Fe(OH)3, AL(OH)3, SiO2 and NaCl etc. It has big pollution. To decrease the environmental pollution, we normally used the filter press machine to treat the salt mud.


The saline water production will be processed by three washing processes. After washing, it will has lots of sludge whose the solid content is 10-15%. Because the solid content is too high, so it must be diluted to 3-5% by water. Then it can be pumped into the hydrauli filter press to treat.

For the treatment, while feeding, the pump outlet pressure should under 0.6MPa. If the pressure reach 0.6MPa, it means the filter cake will be formed, and then stop the pneumatic membrane pump. After filtering, the hot water will be pumped into filter chamber to wash the saline of the filter cakes. Then blowing by the compressed air until no water discharging. Finally, open the filter press plates to discharge the filter cakes. Pls contact SINO FILTRATION, filter press manufacturer, to get more filter press knowledge.


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