Hydraulic filter press squeezing pressure maintenance

- Sep 09, 2017-

Generally, because of custom requirement, the hydraulic filter press always do not have the hydraulic oil while delivery. If no oil, it will can not get the closing pressure. But while the filter press operation, if the oil pressure is not enough, what should we do?

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No matter pp filter press or cast iron filter press, pls check following points: (1) Check the hydraulic oil level. Pls add the hydraulic oil to reach the specified level. Normally recommended hydraulic oil is #46. And the oil level should be 1/3 to 1/2 of the observation window. (2)Leaking oil. Pls check the seals of the cylinder and oil hoses. If broken, that will cause leaking oil to decrease the oil pressure during the operating. Pls change it. (3)The hydraulic valves. The hydraulic valves here mainly include one-way valve and the relief valve. The one-way valve is keeping the pressure, and the relief valve control the oil pressure level and speed. If can not work normally , pls adjust or change them.(4)The electric contact pressure gauge. Pls check upper limit pointer, if is low pls reset. Pls consult China filter press manufacturer for more info on filter press maintenance.

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