Hydraulic filter press maintenance - 1

- Dec 27, 2017-

For every machines, it will need maintenance. The hydraulic filter press is same. Frequent maintenance will make the working life much longer and can make it has a better sludge dewatering performance. Here we will share some acknowledge on the filter press after-sales. 

Filter plates and filter clothes are broken. These are the most popular. For filter press plate damage is basically caused by bias filtering pressure or abnormal operation. For filter press clothes broken, it directly relate to your materials. If your solid content is higher, the easier to be damaged; if your solid size is harder and bigger, it also much easier to be damaged.

Hydraulic station broken. For filter presses, normally the hydraulic system works stably, especially for the hydraulic valves. If the filter press machine can not realize automatic pressure maintenance, and once confirm it’s caused by valve body, pls wash the one-way valve, which might be blocked.

Beams broken. For some poor filter press manufacturers, they might produce poor quality side beam filter presses, once the beams are broken, pls do not repair, just pls replace it, because there might has more potential risks. If you has any confusing on filter press maintenance, pls contact us freely. 

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