Hydraulic membrane filter press for palm oil

- Jun 30, 2018-

Malaysia, Indonesia and Nigeria are the main palm oil producing countries in the world. And China is the biggest palm oil importation country and accounts for 20% of the market. Strictly, palm oil include two types: palm oil and crude palm kernel oil. While producing the both, they all need hydraulic membrane filter press, but the membrane filter press type will be different. For membrane filter press, normally is hydraulic filter press, however, according to the squeezing pressure difference, the membrane filter press has 3 types: low squeezing pressure 1 MPa, 1.5 MPa and 3 MPa. For CPKO, must use high pressure membrane filter press. 

While hydraulic membrane filter press working, for the 1st fractionation, the filtering capacity is bigger, because the stearin content is lower (around 20%). For 2nd fracktionation, the filtering capacity is much smaller, because the olein percentage is higher (around 35%). In the palm oil industry, normally the lower pressure membrane filter press can meet the demand. If has higher requirement, 1.5 MPa high pressure filter press is enough. SINO membrane filter press plates are made of PP and TPE, so has best quality and stable performance. Comparing with other filtration equipment, hydraulic membrane filter press has a additional squeezing step after filtration, thus can get more palm oil, and the filter cakes is much dryer, so it will be more easier to discharge cakes. Pls contact us for hydraulic membrane filter press. 

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