Hydraulic Plate Frame Filter press for Bayer Process

- Oct 14, 2017-

Plate frame filter press is widely used in chemicals, such as, Al2O3 (aluminium oxide). The Bayer process is the mainly method to produce the aluminium oxide using the bauxite. It has features of simple operation, high product quality and low cost etc.

Bayer process is mainly divided into three steps: dissolution, decomposition and calcination. The principle is as the follow:

1.When bauxite is heated to a rated temperature, the aluminium oxide will be dissolved out of the caustic liquid. This step will need our hydraulic filter press firstly. 

Al2O3 ·H2O+2NaOH+(3 - n)H2O → 2NaAl(OH)4

2.The sodium aluminate liquid will be diluted and cooled to separated out the aluminium hydroxide. This step also need our automatic filter press for filtration. 

NaAl(OH)4 === Al(OH)3+NaOH

3.Finally, the aluminium hydroxide will be calcined to get the aluminium oxide.

The first process is dissolution, and the second process is named decomposition. After decomposition, it will be filtered to separate the solid and the liquid by the filter press, the solid will be calcined and the liquid will be as the next liquid to dissolve the new bauxite. If you need filter press applications pls contact us. 

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